Customer Service

Star Plumbing is a local business that provides a professional, prompt and reliable service. That is at the heart of our business.

Along with our key services provided, we ensure our staff turn around quotes quickly and show up for your job at the scheduled time.

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Emergency Services

At Star Plumbing, nothing is more important to us than honouring our commitment to professionalism. Our Customer Response Team and reliable partners keeps track of our workforce Star

Plumbing offers a 24 hour Immediate Responsive Service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Roof Plumbing

A good plumbing company should know more than just how to fix something when things go wrong. Just as importantly, they should know how to prevent problems before they happen.

We work very closely with leading companies such as the metal roofing suppliers to ensure we have all the latest tools and materials .

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Water Metering Services

Star Plumbing is the leader in metering the use of water in homes, businesses and other organisations. In the past we have assisted councils with metering parks and garden sprinkler systems to reduce sewerage disposal charges.

We also work with the commercial cleaners and high pressure cleaning companies such as the House Washing Central Coast experts to ensure water displacement and wastage is kept to a minimum.

We have placed large meters on sewerage outflows at one of the main universities to assist measure water displacement for costing purposes.

If you suspect there is a leak underground, you should seek expert advice and call Star Plumbing.

Reading your water meter - Business The volume of water you use is measured by a water meter.

Depending on the layout of your business site, the meter may be located inside or outside your premises. In an emergency the flow of water can be stopped by turning off the stop tap/valve.

Therefore it is important that you know the location of your water meter, and that you ensure it is accessible for our meter readers to read on a regular basis.

Knowing how to read your meter and taking regular readings can be a useful way to detect leaks within your property. By detecting leaks early and arranging repairs you will use less water and save money.

Below is a diagram of a typical large business water meter. Your meter assembly may or may not be as complex as this. You may or may not have a dedicated meter for your individual premises.

In the case of shopping centres and commercial land developments many buildings may share a common meter. For further assistance with land and building surveyors, give our trusted partners, the surveyors central coast a call or visit their website at

Blocked Drains